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What You Should Know About Japanese Culture

The majority of us love to travel internationally which is great because it allows us to learn new things about other places and ourselves.

Keep in mind when traveling to new places that you must be respectful of others and their culture.

So before you head to the airport to go to Japan for the Olympic Games there are some things that you should keep in mind.

1. Remove your shoes before you enter someone’s home or any place that you see a mat outside of the front door.

2. Bow when you greet other people to show respect.

3. Tipping after a meal is not required.

4. When buying gifts you should get some mochi.

5. It is good manners to slurp your noodles because it shows that you enjoy your meal.

6. Use your chopsticks correctly. Don’t stab your food as that is considered rude.

7. Wash up and rinse off first when you are at a hot spring bath.

8. Be courteous when you are on the train - don’t eat or talk on the phone.

Those are simple things that will help you be respectful in Japan.

Enjoy yourself and the Olympic Games!



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