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Washington D.C.

One of my fondest school memories is of a high school choir trip to Washington D.C. It was the first major trip that I had ever been on and also the first time that I had ever flown on an airplane. I remember that it was so exciting and terrifying to ride on an airplane, visit the Smithsonian museums, the memorials, and of course seeing the White House and where laws are created. Even years later after visiting countless other cities, Washington D.C. is still one of my favorite cities to visit.

If you have a love of history, architecture, learning and great food; then D.C. is a place that you must visit. Whenever I visit it feels like such a passionate city full of ideas and hope as you visit the different monuments and learn of the ideas and values of the some of the architects of our government. You also get to see and learn about some of the rebels of those times that fought to make changes in our system.

While I have been back to Washington D.C. several times since that 1st trip, there is never enough time to see everything and I see something new every time. The last time I was there I discovered Franklin Roosevelt’s monument and (in my opinion,) it is the best of the presidential monuments. But that should be expected of the President who held the position for the most amount of terms. The crazy thing is I had been in the vicinity of it several times but I never knew it was right around the corner.

Another great thing about going to D.C. are the Smithsonian Museums. There are 17 Smithsonian Museums in DC and most of them are on the National Mall. And guest what…admission is free to each of these museums. Are you interested in seeing your government at work? You can get tickets to the Senate Gallery from your State’s Senator or Representative to see laws introduced and discussed on the Senate Floor.

I think DC is a great place for anyone of any age to visit. They offer great informative tours, you get to see a detailed look into the past and have fun doing it? Have you ever been to DC? What do you like about visiting the capital?

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