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Travel Tips: Traveling with Food Allergies

1.  Whenever you travel to a new destination, do research to find the location of the nearest hospital and how to reach emergency services. Preparation is key in emergencies.

2.  When traveling outside the U.S. to a country that you do not speak the language, invest in food allergy translation cards. They will make it easier to communicate at restaurants and grocery stores.

3.  Pack extra food in your suitcase that you know is allergy friendly, also find easy to pack travels snacks. Doing this will ensure you always have something to eat.

4.  Always carry your medication on your person. Carry a copy of the prescription if possible. This will help in case of emergency and in case your medicine is lost.

5.  Research, research, research before you leave for your destination. Find out if there are alternative food options or restaurants that might be appropriate in the area where you're traveling. It's good to have those places in mind when you're searching for food at your destination.



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