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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Traveling

We live in a fast-paced world that requires our attention 24/7. We commute to work in rush-hour madness, we go work out (maybe), then we need to go home and cook dinner for our family our ourselves, clean up the house – well, you get the idea. When we finally are done with all of our “important” errands you lay on the couch, turn the TV on because you want to decompress and think about something else other than whatever happened today at work.

Sounds familiar?

This is the typical routine of the modern-day adult.

We can’t help but wonder then, where do our passions and dreams lie in between the hectic Mondays and all the to-do lists.

You ever wrote a bucket-list? Of the top ten places you have to visit before you die – how many of them have you crossed off at this point? We only get one or two chances per year to go out there and explore everything that this planet has to offer.

From the Niagara Falls all the way to the Grand Canyon – Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Dune Bugging the Saharan desert, or a wild Safari in Kenya; there’s so much to see and so little time. And the truth is, traveler, that you only get one chance – as far as we know, to enjoy the magnificence of this planet.

So here are ten reasons why you need to start traveling and do the things you’ve always wanted:

1) To See the World through New Eyes

The world is filled with so many cultures and dressed in magnificent geography. It would be unjust to you and your loved ones to only know about your state or your city when catching a flight, a train or a cruise can give you the opportunity to meet amazing people, delicious food and have the planet leave you in awe with its amazing flora and fauna.

2) To Get some Distance from Work

We all love our bosses, right? Or that co-worker who makes you do the double the work because they are always late or fail to check after themselves. The truth is, that work is stressful! From the morning stresses that rush hour and commuting causes, to the meetings, the customers and their not-so-raving comments on the phone, management breathing down your neck due to deadline THEY have to meet. The list is endless of all the fun things you experience during your workday.

And did you know, that you spend most of your life at work? With those colleagues, with that boss, with those customers. So, if it sounds like it’s right about that time that you hit a BOOK NOW button somewhere, even if it’s the state over – why not book some travel time today?

3) To Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new place. We tend to get caught up in our daily routines where we go to work, go workout at the gym, eat at our favorite restaurants, and do other daily things on repeat because we are comfortable with them.

We know what to expect for the most part and rarely try something new. Traveling is great opportunity to break away from the daily routine and explore a new place, try new restaurants, and other activities that may not be available in your city.

4) To Admire Mother Nature

Break away from the city life and admire mother nature. Explore the mountains, the sea, the forest, the jungle, a garden, or the desert. There is something healing and rejuvenating about spending time with mother nature.

It is something that we may not get to do a lot of if we are constantly working or living in the city. Make the time to admire mother nature while you travel. Have a beach day or go on a nature hike or ride a bike.

5) To Learn About Other Cultures

Learning about other cultures can help us understand the world a bit better. We can learn about new traditions, language, new foods, clothing, history, music and arts. There are things that we may not have learned in history class and can only learn by experiencing it firsthand. It is definitely something that you will remember for years to come.

6) To Unplug

It’s important for us to unplug from the world from time to time. Unplugging can help us recharge our personal batteries. Take a break from our hectic schedules that can often dictate our every moment.

On your next trip, try it for just one day. Turn off your morning alarm and the constant stream of social media and work email notifications. Put your cell phone on the do not disturb mode. Feel the difference on how refreshed you will feel after unplugging from the world for a little while.

7) To Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself on your trips. There are plenty of ways that you can do that on vacation. Treat yourself to a facial or massage to help relax you. You can also indulge with a delicious meal and cocktails. Purchase a luxury item that you may not always let yourself purchase otherwise. Pamper yourself in a way that feels good and right for you as it varies for everyone.

There is nothing like cutting lose on vacation. Every destination parties differently so there is typically a little bit of something for everyone! Whether you like dancing the night away at a club, grabbing drinks a local favorite bar, attending a concert and so much more. Do some online research to see what the night life is like in the place that you are visiting. See what is popular. You can always ask a local for what are some fun things to do as well. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

9) To Learn Something New

Traveling is a great opportunity to learn something new whether it’s about the place you are visiting or a new dinner dish that’s specific to a region or a new dance move, etc. You get what I am saying. The options of learning something new are endless in travel and in life. You just have to find something that interests you.

10) To Slow Us Down

Leave your calendars, agendas, and alarms at home. When you are on vacation, be on vacation. You don’t have to constantly be on the go all the time. Take the time to slow down and wind down without constantly thinking about your to-do list. Enjoy your life without having everything planned out. Give yourself and your mind a break.

Traveling is definitely one of those things that will make you richer. It will give you the opportunity to slow down from the hectic day-to-day and teach you to appreciate the things you currently have. It’s all about living in the present. When you let go of fear and start prioritizing the things that enrich us both physically and mentally you find a new appreciation for today and the choices that you make for your life become easier. So, take that vacation, book that cruise getaway, let’s go to the Caribbean, sink your toes on the sand, ride that jet ski, eat that delicious food you’ve always wanted to! Travel!


If you are ready to start enjoying your life and start crossing off your bucket list it’s time for you to consider traveling with Let Me Plan It. Feel free to book a consultation today by emailing

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