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We travel to unwind, have fun and explore the world, but we also love to travel based on our passions. Whatever your reason is to travel the country and the world. New trends are happening in the travel at this very moment that you don’t want to miss out. Everything from wine tours, to foodie trips, to solo travel and so much more! There are other trends that we didn’t mention in this list, but here are the TOP 5 TRAVEL TRENDS FOR 2019.

Solo Travel

Travel solo is on the rise lately. It can teach you some important survival and independence skills. Also, it gives you some time to recharge your batteries and get inspired. Be sure to travel in safety and have some pepper spray for protection. Let people know where you are as well back home. What can you learn about yourself while traveling solo? Find out on your next trip.

Foodie Travel

No more drooling over beautiful food on Instagram and YouTube! It is your turn to take a Foodie trip! Find amazing food that is unique to a specific area, crazy looking foods that are mostly too good to eat, or find your favorite foods with a twist. There are countless options as to what you can find out there! Try new dishes and maybe find a new favorite on your next adventure that you can share on Instagram to make your friends jealous.

Historic Travel

History buffs like to visit historic places to check out the historic buildings/churches and important areas that played a part in our history or world history. Experience history in real life instead of watching it on the History Channel or reading it in a book. There are many places that you can visit in the U.S. and around the world catered to your favorite moment in time. Pick a place that you have been wanting to see in real life and learn more about it with your next visit!

Theater Travel

With so many different fantastic theater productions happening like Hamilton that travel around the country. If your favorite theater production doesn’t play in your city then find the next major city near you. Invite a friend or family member to go with to watch your favorite production in life for a unique experience that will have you at the edge of your seat. Look up where your favorite theater production is playing next or you can always just go to Broadway to see more than one show! Binge the theater to your hearts content.

Wine Country Travel

Rose or red wine, anyone? Whatever your wine of choice is – there are plenty of vineyards that you can visit with a group of friends in Napa Valley, California or in Europe. France and Italy are known to have amazing wine. Do a wine tour. Taste different types of wine, discover a new favorite, and sip away the day with some delicious wine along with some delicious food pairings.

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