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Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship Review

This is the 2nd time I have been on a recently launched cruise ship with Norwegian. I was on the NCL Escape back in 2015 when it launched. Overall, I loved the Bliss. It was everything I expected and more. I enjoyed the week I spent on its first Alaskan voyage.

What I Loved:

Food: Whether you were eating in one of the complementary dining areas or specialty dining, the food was really good. We had snow crab legs and shrimp in the Garden Café that were pre-sliced so all you needed was a fork or your fingers to enjoy. Also, the steak in the main dining room was cooked to perfection.

Observation Lounge: My absolute favorite part of the ship! The seating was very comfortable and they all faced the amazing view. We spent hours enjoying ourselves there during our trip. The staff was very attentive and offered great suggestions for tasty drinks that I just had to try. There were also snacks and beverages available in case you got hungry and did not want to leave the lounge. My only critique was that there were only a few power outlets available and they were not easy to find. They were located on every other pillar and you need a long cord as they are pretty high up.


Studio: Plenty of space for one person plus visitors. My family came and spent some time in my room and it didn’t feel too small. There were USB plugs by the bed that made charging my electronics easy. There virtual window was a nice touch and it gave me a nice view of the ocean or the Alaskan rainforest as we sailed along the coast. There was also a separate studio lounge that had events to connect people sailing by themselves.

Interior Triple: It was a standard room interior cabin with the main standouts being having USB ports, outlets and a shelf to charge your electronics above the bed. That feature was not in the Escape which launched back in 2015. It was a big hit with me and my family.

Staff: Throughout the ship we met staff who were the utmost professionals. There were very helpful and mad a ton of great recommendations that made our vacation experience better.

Onboard Activities: My sister wanted to go to Splash Academy every day to have fun with her friends. This is her 4th cruise and she has never wanted to keep going back to Splash this much before. Laser Tag and Go Karts were a lot of fun. We booked everything as soon as we got on the ship. I would recommend that you do the same as they fill up quickly. If you are unable to book in advance, just show up for a time that works for you. You would be surprised how many people don’t show up for their pre-booked events.

What I wasn’t the biggest fan of:

Havana: The dancing was great but the music and story left a lot to be desired. It was very predictable, unrealistic and had several holes in the plot.

Jersey Boys: To be honest, we only made it through about 20 minutes of the show before we left. It just wasn’t something that we enjoyed.


The production quality of both Havana and Jersey Boys was very good. The set, lighting and costume changes were very smooth.

I would definitely sail on the Bliss again. I have already starting looking at some of their Caribbean sailing for 2019. Have you been on the Bliss? How was your experience? Let us know if the comments.



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