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Take a break from your every day routine. Head to an island for some much-needed fun in the sun, TLC, and R&R. Say good-bye to the reality of real life and do a quick island getaway. Work on your tan, sip on delicious cocktails on the beach, go on a hike, and so much more!

Need some inspiration for your next quick island getaway? We’ve got you covered – today we are sharing with you our favorite getaways that you can do for a weekend trip or for a few days! Which island are you going to visit?

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a small island in the Caribbean that is known for its beaches, top-notch resorts, and golf courses. Visit the tallest mountain of the Caribbean – Pico Duarte. Go the capital, Santo Domingo, to see all the cultural heritage then head south to visit the Caribbean Sea with its crystal-clear water and sandy beaches to relax and some water related activities such as kayaking and jet skiing.

Be greeted by the nice local people. Enjoy the island life, rich in culture and beautiful landscape on the island of the Dominican Republic.


Although – it may be controversial to go to Cuba because of x,y, and z reasons. Cuba opened its borders in the 1980’s so there is still a lot to learned about this country, and we think it’s worth it. American have been able to go to Cuba since 2017 and they have raved about it.

Visit a place that is stuck in time. Interact with the sweetest locals you can possibly find throughout your travels. There are museums, theaters, concert halls, art galleries, and cultural institutions in Havana that you must check out. Both day and night activities, Cuba continues to thrill its visitors with its culture and diverse opportunities for a fun time for all.

East of Havana there is fine beach stretch between Bacuranao and Guanabo that includes Santa María del Mar which is breathtaking. There are fishing villages and beaches such as Miramar where you can go snorkeling and jet skiing, etc. Visit Cuba for a unique experience and one of a kind getaway!

Not ready to fly to Cuba, take a short cruise instead to get a feel for the country. Then, when you fall in love as we expect, go back for a longer visit to truly explore what Cuba has to offer.

Nova Scotia

Picture yourself in Nova Scotia, Canada. Discover it your way with what you love to do. Whether that’s biking through the Cabot Trail, enjoying delicious seafood (mostly lobster), go glamping, visit beautiful lighthouses on that overlook the sea, go hiking, and so much more. There are art galleries and shopping to be done too.

Also, if you love to learn the history of where you are visiting, then you can book a tour. So much to do there for everyone. Nova Scotia is place for you if you are really active and love being outdoors.

If you are ready to start enjoying your life and start crossing off your bucket list it’s time for you to consider traveling with Let Me Plan It.

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