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Choose the right airline and seat: The worst thing that could happen is being stuck in an uncomfortable seat for 10 hours. Check the seat dimensions on the airport website. Also, check pricing to see if it is worth it to upgrade. For airlines, double check the airline ratings and on time record. It would also be a good idea to look at reviews and any recent news stories. You want to make an informed choice.

Bring your own snacks: This will ensure that you have something to eat in case you don't want to eat the food offered by the airline. Also, saves you money on buying expensive airport food.

Wear comfortable clothing: Dressing in layers is vital because you can easily adjust to the airplane temperature. I am also a fan of slip on shoes. This makes it easy to take them off to go through security and to stretch your feet.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Bring a water bottle to fill at the airport or buy water after you get through security. It is important for you health to stay hydrated.

Get up and move around: During a long flight there is definitely a risk of blood clots. Get up and more around ever so often to keep your blood flowing. It is important to keep yourself healthy on your trip.



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