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5 Tips to Help You Stop Overpacking


Start Small


The smaller the bag the less likely you are to overpack. If you start with a bigger bag, you are more likely to pack things you do not need or use on your trip. If you utilize only a carry-on bag, you can start your vacation sooner by not needing to wait for your luggage.


Pack your favorite multi use items


Pack the items you know you will wear multiple times because it is so versatile. Your favorite pair of sunglasses or your favorite sandals can be worn with multiple outfits on your trip. Packing only one or two purses or bags can also save space. A good idea is to only pack items that can be worn with a least two other pieces in your suitcase.


Only pack for definite plans


Shopping on vacation can lead to you finding some great gems. You don’t need to pack for every occasion that could happen in advance. If something does come up use this opportunity to shop for something locally. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Traveling with a friend


Coordinate who will bring what when it comes to toiletries. There is no need to bring two of everything. Also, check with the hotel or resort to see what they provide. If it is available in your room then there is no need to bring extra and take up space in your suitcase.


Plan your outfits


If you take the time to plan what you are going to wear each day, you are less likely to overpack. This will also help you know exactly how many of each item you need and what can be worn several times. You will also know how many of those one-piece outfits like sundresses you need to pack that will also free up space in your suitcase.


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