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5 Secrets of How Travel Agents Can Save You Money

Travel agents have all the secrets and a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting the best deals possible. 

As a travel agent - we get excited and enjoy the thrill of finding the best deals that we can pass onto YOU.

We want you to make your dreams of vacation a reality within a reasonable budget.

We are like the genie from Aladdin, your wish is my command. This is the thrill and excitement of the job.

Here are some of the best-kept secrets that allow us to get the best deal for you.

Secret #1: Be flexible with travel dates and times

Sometimes the best deals don’t always work with your preferred travel dates and times. It’s best to keep your options open because, in the end, it can save you a pretty penny. This is why it is super important for you to plan ahead of time to avoid any time constraints.

Secret #2: Constantly shop around

Prices are constantly changing online. They can be one price this morning and an hour later it is something completely different! It is important for you to constantly checking for the latest deals. And don’t forget to clear out your cookies or use incognito mode. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to multiple travel agents to see which one is the best fit for you.

Secret #3: Book direct flights

Booking direct flights are always better because not only do you save time getting where you need to be, but can save you more money. Think about it… is it really worth saving a few dollars for a 3-hour layover? During this layover, you may get hungry and will purchase some food. To make things worse, you may get bored waiting for your next flight that you decide to look around at the airport shops and buy a few things that are already overpriced.

Secret #4: Support local businesses of where you are going

Travel agents will often recommend for you to support local businesses of where you are going can save you some money. Purchase local goods when it comes to groceries, toiletries, and much more. Experience something new instead of buying something name brand.

Secret #5: Travel during the off-season

Not only is traveling to a destination hotspot during the off-season will save you, but will make your trip a bit more enjoyable as well. Imagine smaller crowds at all the main attractions of where you are going. The locals may be nicer since it isn’t as crazy and will share what you can do there too. And yes, save some big bucks too!

Of course, we have plenty more secrets that we can share...but have to keep some to ourselves…

What are your personal secrets when it comes to booking travel?



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