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5 Must Dos in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge: A great place to take some awesome Instagram pictures to share with all your followers.

Visit Chinatown: The oldest Chinatown in the US also has the largest population of Chinese people outside of China. There are lots of great shops and restaurants within easy walking distance.


Alcatraz: Tour the old prison to see where all the famous prisoners like Al Capone were housed.


Wine Country: If you have an extra day or two in San Francisco, get out of the city and experience the wine country. Consider a day trip to either Napa or Sonoma or both to enjoy the various vineyard tours and tastings. There are also landmark restaurants, great artwork, hot air balloon rides and boutique hotels.


California Academy of the Sciences: You will experience four museums under one living roof. There is a planetarium, aquarium, natural history museum and a rainforest.

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