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3 Reasons to Book Your Next Cruise with a Travel Consultant

Customer Service

Your travel consultant will be available to answer any questions you might have about cruising. They will also have tips and tricks to make your trip run smoothly. The added benefit is that if anything goes wrong, your travel consultant will be there to help. They will do everything in their power to help make it right for you. They also have access to personal that you as a cruise passenger would not.

Cruise Knowledge

Your travel consultant is very knowledgeable about cruises. They ask you the right questions so that they can recommend the cruise line options that meets your needs. The last thing you want to do is pick the wrong cruise line as it will affect your entire vacation. They recommend which excursions will be the best fit based on your hobbies and interests. They do all the research for you and narrow down the options for you to pick from. Travel consultants also make sure you are informed about travel insurance. It is worth it to invest in the small price of travel insurance to protect your vacation investment because you will never know what could happen.


Extra Savings

Booking with a travel consultant will not cost you anymore than booking by yourself but it could save you money. Travel consultants can also get you extra perks and savings that you will not have access to from the cruise lines. Savings could include free upgrades, free gratuities, and onboard credit. They receive emails daily from different cruise lines that inform them of all the special promotions and which promotions can be combined to give you the best value for your money.



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