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2 Cities to Visit in Cuba - For Your First Trip!

Although Cuba may look like a small island on the map, there are so many places that you can visit during your stay that offer you different activities to do. 

You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Each city has its own things that must be seen, has its own history to tell that you just have to see for yourself and its own little subcultures.

Let’s dive into what you can in La Havana and Santiago de Cuba during your visit to Cuba.

La Havana

Of course, when you think about Cuba La Havana or Havana comes to mind or the Camila Cabello song. You will most likely land here. It’s a great place to get acquainted with the culture firsthand, get a feel for the country and walk around to see old buildings mixed with newer buildings. It is definitely a unique site for you to see. 

Some recommendations of what you can do in La Havana are: go for a tour in a vintage car around the city, visit some museums such as the Museo de la Revolucion, do a sunset walk on El Malecon, and do some people watching of the locals. 

One of the best things to do in Havana is to attend the ceremony of “el cañonazo de las nueve”. This ceremony takes place each night at 9 pm, in the fortress of La Cabaña, which was completed by 1774 and made Havana the most fortified city in the “new world”. It does cost a fee to be a part of this, but it includes a drink as well. Something you definitely won’t want to miss. 

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba and you can experience a true Caribbean atmosphere here. It is also one a very HOT location and can be known for being a shady part of Cuba. This has caused a lot of people to dash out of there quickly. However, it does have its appeal as well. Santiago de Cuba is a cultural hub for music, architecture, literature, and politics which makes it one of the most interesting places to visit in Cuba. 

There are many things that you can do in Santiago and right outside the city too. The Parque Céspedes is a must see place because it is lively, full of musical talent, and surrounded by historic buildings and museums. 

One of the nicest places to visit in Cuba can be visited on a day trip from Santiago is La Gran Piedra. This is a mountain range that has cooler weather than Santiago and is the home of some old busted but still functioning coffee plantations. Here you can do a tour of the coffee plantation which is one of the must do things to do in Cuba! You will have the opportunity to taste amazing, strong, dark coffee! 

You definitely don’t want to miss out on going to Cafetal la Isabelica. This is not far from La Gran Piedra and you can get the most breathtaking view of the Caribbean sea from you. You will want to have your camera ready for this! 

Now, these are just two cities that you can visit in Cuba, but there are still many other towns and cities that you can go to as well!

We just wanted to give you a small taste of what is waiting for you in Cuba.



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