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15 Must Dos for any Anime/Manga Fans Visiting Tokyo

1.  Cup Noodle Museum: A short ride from Tokyo to Yokohama will bring you to the Cup Noodle Museum. Here you can design your own Cup Noodles as well as learn the history of the quick dish we all love.

2.  Ghibli Museum: designed by Master animator Miyazaki Hayao

3.  Go-Karting: Racing go-karts around the streets of Tokyo dressed as your favorite character. Requires an international driver’s license to participate.

Akibakart (located in Akihabara):

Maricar (located in Shinagawa):

Costume rentals are available

4. Gundam Café: Visit for an entertaining immersion into the world of Gundam:

5.  KiddyLand: Toy store packed with character goods from all your favorite characters including Ghibli, Sanrio and Disney

6.  Maid Cafes: There are many cafes located in Akihabara and you will see maids outside passing out flyers for their cafes

7.  Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo: Sells every piece of Pokemon merchandise available 

8.  Robot Restaurant: Has a show with giant robots operated by bikini clad women

9.  Sanrioworld Ginza: Sanrio’s flagship store filled with all things Hello Kitty.

10.  Super Potato Retro-Kan: Specializes in used videogames but you can also play retro games on the 5th floor like an arcade.

11.  Takeshita-Dori: Famous teen fashion shopping bazaar

12.  Tokyo Anime Award Festival: is held in March and honors the best animation of the year

13.  Tokyo Disney World: Modeled after California’s Disney World but also has Tokyo DisneySea which is an original theme park.

14.  Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park

15.  Tokyo Ramen Show: Held at Komazawa Olympic Park in in late October to early November the Tokyo Ramen Show is one of Japan's largest outdoor events dedicated to ramen noodles.

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